About The Don

Virgo Don is one of the brightest, most positive and creative artist in the dancehall arena. He has also now joined in the Jungle DnB resurgence. Originally being from a musically inclined background he was automatically drawn into entertainment. Initially he played in school bands and sang on choirs, but it was not until Virgo started singing solo that he really got the bug.

As a youth Virgo was then given a copy of Bob Marley's 'Rastaman Vibration' album. This album had the lyrics printed on the sleeve which gave him his first proper introduction to writing / written (non-classical) lyrics.

A family friend used to lend Virgo his ghetto blaster and Reggae dancehall cassettes. One specific dancehall artist (Papa San), because of his versatility and originality inspired Virgo to enter the dancehall arena. Then many a night would find him sneaking out of the house to go-get his dancehall fix.

That went on until (this being Jamaica) someone told his parents. At first they disapproved until they were given details of how good Virgo really was. They then decided to support their son in his quest for stardom.

From that day onwards Virgo has never looked back. He has blazed a trail and made a solid name for himself in the dancehall scene and is now working on doing the same in Jungle DnB. Whilst focusing his sights on gaining International acclaim Virgo has always made sure that he remains grounded.

If you have not yet experienced this phenomenal artist at work, we can assure you that you do not know what you are missing. Look out for Virgo Don on a TV, radio, online or on a stage near you ... WOOOOSH!!!

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