Wat A Gwaan

Virgo Don has had a very busy career in terms of live and studio work. He has worked with almost all the top flight dancehall artist in one capacity or another performing, writing and producing.

Through features (one of Virgo's favourite parts of the business), he has worked with all different musical genres. This has seen him work with everyone from 'up and coming' artist to icons such as Toni Braxton and Erykah Badu.

Virgo has also worked as a writer and or performer on numerous jingles / adverts for television and radio for many major brands. To his credit Virgo was also involved in the very successful Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares AD campaign where his performance was placed on two of the four adverts used for TV, radio and Cinema.

Virgo Don also successfully defended himself (litigant in person) in a litigation dispute in 2005 regarding the unauthorized use of his work by a record company. This included a 6 day trial (Patents Court) and 2 days at The Royal Courts of Justice (Appeal Court). All kinds of legal precedence were set that will benefit especially up and coming artiste all around the world. For more info see details here.

Apart from that Virgo has been instrumental in many youth and community projects. Using the wealth of knowledge and information that he has gained to help, assist and nurture in any which way possible.

There's a lot more that we could say and definately a lot more where all that came from so stay tuned.

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